Jyoti Gupta (Founder,1979):

- MS (Nutrition), at graduation time, set the highest score record at Texas Women’s University!

- Recognized by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as a role model for young dietitians.

- ADA Vegetarian Dietetics Journal has written about the healthfulness of JYOTI Foods, as have various other vegetarian Journals. See copies in the Press section.

- Holds Food Processing Diplomas from University of California and Rutgers University.

- Registered Dietitian.

Vijai Gupta(co-founder):

- Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), McGill University, M.Sc.Tech. (Banaras Hindu University)
I refer to BHU as among the world’s most beautiful campuses, so a few photos of this University are attached.

- Inventor of 24 U.S. patented technologies, much more but different technologies patented in Canada and other countries.

- Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (2005-2009) on Technical Issues.

- Member of Grocery Manufacturers Association Advisory Council and Process Technologies Committee.

- DuPont ‘Distinguished Speaker Series’ speaker.

- Invited speaker at the World Conference on Food Technology Innovations, New Delhi, 2013.

- Golden Jubilee Visiting Fellow, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 2013.

"I never think of the future – it comes soon enough!"
– Einstein

Some photos of Banaras Hindu University, situated on the banks of Ganga in a 3 square mile walled area with over 30 such buildings

Agriculture College
Agriculture College
Institute Of Technology One of many buildings
Institute Of Technology One of many buildings
Chemistry Building
Chemistry Building
University Art Gallery
University Art Gallery
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