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Beans (including various names like: peas, lentils, legumes, pulses, grams etc.) are among the richest sources of plant proteins besides being very good sources of Fiber, Minerals and certain Vitamins, and plenty of needed carbohydrates. Beans are grown and used for food throughout the world and thus, all cuisines have bean dishes which are vastly different from each other, but all are very good for us. YOUR Organics Refried Beans, Pinto and Black, are in true Mexican tradition, but with sunflower oil.

Refried Beans are not really ‘refried’ but got the name from ‘Refrito’ which is intensely cooked and may be fried but not twice. These ‘Frijoles Refrito’ are a staple food of Mexico and the entire Latin America and getting increasingly popular in the USA for the taste and nutritive values. YOUR Organics uses Organic Beans and some Fresh Onion and Fresh Garlic for these exquisite tasting ready to eat beans, mildly spiced with cumin and chili. YOUR Organics Refried Beans are true to the traditional flavor and a mashed look, not the pasty consistency, commonly seen in canned refritos. Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds to the flavor and health benefits. A great bean soup can be quickly made by diluting these Refried Beans with ½ cup of water or any broth of choice. Serve as a side dish with a main meal or as a dip for various kinds of chips and vegetable sticks and enjoy the Kudos. While Pintos are the most commonly used bean in Refritos, other beans are used as well, Black Beans being the second in popularity. YOUR Organics offers both Pinto and Black Refried Beans. Both are Vegan but do differ in their looks and flavors. Traditionally, these beans are served lightly topped with any combination of cheese, salsa, chopped onion and cilantro. These Refried Beans can be folded into tortillas with more cheese, salsa, chopped onion and cilantro to make wholesome Bean Burritos.

All the beans used in YOUR Organics bean products are first thoroughly cleaned via the world’s most advanced bean cleaning technology, invented and patented by us and licensed to other food processors, small and large. Do read the comments from the former Director of Engineering of Kraft General Foods in the following sheet.

YOUR Ready to Eat  Refried Pinto Beans:

Look at the Ingredients in YOUR Refried Beans and those from others:


YOUR Organics Refried Pinto Beans: Water, Pinto Beans, Sunflower Oil, Fresh Garlic, Salt, cumin, ancho chili.

Compare our Ingredients with Major refried Bean Products:

Taco Bell Original: Water, Pinto Beans, Salt, Soybean Oil, Pink Beans, Natural Flavor, Soy Lecithin.  580 mg Sodium per 130 g serving.

Old El Paso Vegetarian: Cooked Pinto Beans, Water. Contains Less Than 2% Of: Salt, Tomato Paste, Sea Salt (Potassium Magnesium Chloride, Salt), Soybean Oil, Chili Pepper, Sugar, Onion Powder, Natural Flavor, Garlic Powder. 485 mg Sodium per 130 g serving.

Ortega: Water, Pinto Beans, Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.
566 mg Sodium per 130 g serving.

Rosarita: Cooked Organic* Pinto Beans, Water, Less Than 2 % Of (Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Onion Powder, Cumin, Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Rice Fiber, Natural Flavors)*. 581 mg Sodium per 130 g Serving


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